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Inside the Academy we specialize in high level instruction in a family orientated atmosphere! We believe grappling is for everyone which is why we have cultivated a program to include EVERYONE! You won’t find better instruction or training partners around.


Kid’s Self Defense

Elementary & Middle school aged students will embark on a fun and motivational journey exploring the fundamentals of grappling while gaining self-respect and confidence. 


High School Wrestling

A deep dive into wrestling. You will master your “game” and gain a higher level of endurance through conditioning & drilling. 


BJJ Mechanics

This class is for both the brand new and seasoned grappler. It will grow your knowledge of basic BJJ techniques and teach you how to move your body through positions. This class includes a mobility workout warmup followed by drilling. There is no live sparring during this class. 


All Levels Jiu-Jitsu

This class is uniquely designed to be a great fit for all levels from beginner to advanced. It will develop your technical knowledge and promote agility & weight loss. This class includes a brief warm up, drills, & technical instruction followed by situational sparring.

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